Industry leader in the design and manufacture of micro-miniature tactile switches. Manufactuer of Keyswitch, Rocker, Rotary, Low Profile, SMT, Detect, Switchlock, Toggle, DIP, Pushbutton, and Snap-Acting. Featuring ultra-miniature, micro, miniature, standard, industrial and power versions of Slide Switches. C&K is committed to providing customers with the superior technology, performance and reliability their products demand.

Is a Specialist in Surface Mounted Devices. We are committed to "Quality Excellence" through the dedication of our employees, and allocation of all our recources to the manufacture and supply of "ZERO DEFECT" products. "Our mission is to supply all of our customers on time, every time and to the "Highest Quality Standards".
Combines innovative capacitor product technologies with engineering expertise to provide reliable solutions for renewable energy, power supplies, motor drives, HVAC, motors, welding, aerospace, telecom, and UPS systems; as well as solar power, wind power and fuel cell inverter applications and DC link capacitors for electric vehicles. Cornell Dubilier continues to develop and produce unique capacitor solutions for next-generation applications in these emerging markets.
Manufactures American and International Cord sets, Hospital grade products, Ferrites, Ferrules, International Power Source products, Power entry modules, IEC60320, North America & International Plugs, Sockets, Connectors, Strain Reliefs, Value add products. Delivery within 1 week on most products.

Mosfets, IGBTs, Mosfet & IGBT Modules, Fast Recovery Diodes & Modules, Shottky Diodes, Rectifier Diodes, Bridges, PFC, Discrete Thyristors, Diode & Thyristor Modules, Silicon Carbide (SiC) products, Solid Sate Relays, Semiconductor Relays, Optocouplers & Opto Isolators, Power ICs, CPE Telcom, Integrated Circuit Switching, Non Volatile Programmable Capacitors, RFID Devices, Hall Effect Switch.

Discrete Ethernet Transformers, Integrated RJ45 Jacks, Common Mode Filters, Wideband RF Magnetics, Power Inductors, DC/DC PoE & PoE+ transformers, T1/E1 Magnetic Transformers, CEPT, ISDN-PRI, T3, DS3, E3,STS-1,E4/STM-1/STS-3/OC-3, ISDN, 56/64/72kbps digital line interface Magnetics, digital audio transformers.
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Products are vital components in virtually every market that uses electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment. Our history of innovation, proven technical expertise and the industry's broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products enable us to provide objective, comprehensive solutions for each customer's unique needs. Overvoltage and Overcurrent solutions. Hamlin Reed Relays & US Sensor Thermistor products.
MegaCircuit - Is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of PCB boards, Single & Double sided, Multilayer, RF, Microwave, Metal Backed, Thermal Clad, Large PCB's up to 24" x 108" , up to 10 oz copper. Quickturn up to high volume.

Leading Electric Wire Manufacturer of custom cable, Super Flexible Wire, Litz Wire, Flat Braided cable, High Temperature, Multi Conductor, Audio Cable, low noise, Coaxial, Superconductor, Medical and Power Cable. Medical products, reinforced tubing also available from New England Catheter. Experts in solving customer designs with wiring solutions. Unlimited stranding and insulations available to meet customers needs.

A U.S. manufacturer of connectors, jacks & plugs, molded cable assemblies, patchbays, and switches. Harsh Environment Connectivity Products, Pro Audio & Broadcast Products, Custom Factory Molded Cable Assemblies.
Founded in 1948 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is a  leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for Industrial, COTS, Medical, Telecom, Datacom, and Test & Measurement

This organization has three important missions: (1) EMS' sophisticated magnetic and electronic systems for Naval platforms, (2) MSI's innovative Human-Machine Interface products, and (3) the RFI Specialty Components brands of EMC filters, Capacitors, and custom Magnetics. www.Ultra-electronics.com/ems 

Zero Cases, Deep Drawn enclosures, Carrying, Transit and Storage cases. Transitainer, Guardian, ZeRAK, Scout, Warrior, Valuline, Centurion Elite. Dustproof, Waterproof, MilSpec, IP ratted products.